Monday, February 2, 2009

Telepathy for Breakfast

I work together with a friend and he often calls me early in the morning to discuss some work-related stuff. At this time I usually have breakfast and that's where the problems begin.

He very often calls me when I start eating, though I usually try to avoid this, because it's very annoying. I tried starting early, but he called. I tried putting it off, but when I finally sat down for breakfast he called. Sometimes I start to eat my breakfast just to trigger the damn phone call already.

It happens so often it occurred to me it might be explained by some kind of telepathy. If telepathy does exist then it's possible my friend's brain waits for my brain to send the information "he started eating" as a condition before the phone call. Of course, it doesn't happen consciously, but for some reason my brain might misinterpret my thinking "I wish he wouldn't call me right now" and it signals my friend when I start eating.

It's not a very scientific explanation, but I couldn't yet come up with something better. It may be pure coincidence, but can we call a coincidence which happens often "a coincidence"?