Saturday, June 28, 2008

They Could Shout It from the Rooftops

The net is full of self-improvement, personal development and similar articles which have a lot of wise advices for the reader.

These advices are very good. They are mostly come from the distilled knowledge of thousands of years. The catch is they cannot be simply told they must be experienced.

Until one has the necessary life experiences these advices are weightless. The sound nice, they feel nice, but one cannot apply them to one's life, since the necessary experience is missing.

When the necessary experience is there then the advice itself is not necessary, since one knows it from experience.

It's like the Matrix. One cannot be told what the Matrix is, one has to see it for oneself.

So if this is the case then for whom these nice articles are written? It's not much use for the inexperienced as we reasoned above.

Are they for the experienced then? Reading them with an experienced eye one can only say "If I knew it when I was younger...". The thing is one did know. One hears these things all the time. Only then one could not use it.

So I'm still in the dark about why these lists are published and for whom. Seems like a wasted effort.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why the Ending of Lost's 4th Season is Illogical

By now everyone who wanted has seen the ending of Lost's current season which I enjoyed, I was only bothered by the strange logic of their actions.

Locke said to Jack he would have to lie to protect the Island. Jack did persuade the others to lie, but not to protect the island, rather to protect their friends who they had left behind.

But what kind of protection is this?

Widmore surely won't give up the search just because his men didn't return (Jack doesn't know anything we know from the flash-forwards). It should just add to this suspicion that something was not right, so he will send an other search party which can hunt for the island undisturbed, because the Oceanic 6 didn't blow his story with the false plane at the bottom of the ocean.

So the Oceanic 6 has thrown their friends to the mercy of the man, instead of protecting them from him.

Because they could also use the world-wide attention they get due to their appearance and tell the whole world the plane was planted there. Governments cannot ignore their statements, because it concerns stealing enough dead bodies to fill a plane at the bottom of the ocean. Surely, the false plane cannot be a perfect replica which a serious investigation would discover. Also, the number of the bodies wouldn't be right, since Oceanic 6 shouldn't be on the plane which the creators of the false scene could not take into account.

Consequently, the statements of Oceanic 6 could easily be proven, and a large-scale rescue effort could be organized to find the island and the people left on it.

This rescue effort (in which the government would also take part, since it's a conspiracy involving stealing bodies) would surely hamper Widmore's plans which he could not follow undisturbed.

It's also possible the false plane could be traced to him, so he should have answer a few uncomfortable questions.

So the whole lying-the-world-to-protect-our-friend scheme by Oceanic 6 doesn't make sense. Surprisingly, the others in the group give in very easily to Jack's stupid idea and are willing to take a part in it.

This plot device was very unpolished compared to the effort the creators put into creating the mitology surrounding the island. Didn't they have enough time to think it over?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where the Hell is Matt?

Okay, here's this guy who dances his silly dance everywhere where he travels. He seems having a good time and so do the locals who join him in the dancing.

I'm envious of this guy. Not of his travels, but his courage to follow his dream not caring about what others think.

And the local people are wonderful too. Dancing with a stranger and having a good time. This is what life is about. Having a good time and being nice to each other.

Spread this video.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Livable Cities, Livable Earth

I stumbled upon a photo a few days ago which shows a part of Osaka:

Click for larger image.

The photo shows a very harmonic building which combines stone and green gracefully. It's hard to say where the green ends and where the building begins, and vice versa.

In an ideal world the whole of the city should look like this. And why not? Are we happier with so many people living in crowded places without any living vegetation around them?

Why do we have so many people? Wouldn't we be happier with more space for living? Is there any sensible reason to let the population grow so much?

This also brings the question: are we happier in this shiny tech world than our ancestors were in their huts on the prairies? Surely, we have cars and internet and cable TV, running water, electricity, but did all this make our lives better, or they simply solved lots of problems and created lots of others?

I born to this world and the thought of living on the plains and taking care of animals is not very attractive for my current self. But I crave for more nature, not just occasionally, but continuously, and I also want the comfort of the cities too. Could we have these two things at the same time?

In the future I imagine it could be done. With flying cars and stuff there would be no need for roads, so all the asphalt could be torn up and it's place planted. And then our cities may be like the building on the picture above.

I'd like to see it one day.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Girls Are Watching Us

Every time I drive my car I notice girls are looking at me. I mean girls strolling on the sidewalk, standing in bus stops and so on.

I wonder why they look? Do they want to check if I look too? I surely do, adnd it must be something they need to keep up their self-confidence.

If I walk on the street I never pay attention to cars passing me. Why should I? However girls, unlike men, seemingly need a constant reinforcement of their self-esteem.

If I'm looking it means their appearance is OK, since I'm looking. Otherwise, they can think they haven't prepared themselves properly for going outside.

Non-attractive girls usually don't look. Probably they do not have enough self-confidence to make sure if someone is paying attention to them.

The looks from girls is very dangerous to traffic safety. I usually only glance at them, but when my eye meets theirs then I can't help but look again, so I watch the road less.

It's not safe, but I can't NOT do it. It's how I'm wired internally.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Decapitated Dog Head Kept Alive

Soviet scientists performed the strangest experiments.

They decapitated dogs and kept their head alive by maintaining blood circulation in the severed head artifically:

According to Wikipedia the experiments were real even if the results were a bit exaggerated.

For example, the Soviets said the severed dog heads lived for hours while the truth is probably closer to minutes.

Nevertheless, no matter how cruel and barbaric these experiments are they were invaluable for the Soviets to develop open-heart surgery methods.

Is animal suffering the inevitable price for human health?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Don't Mind the Injured Man on the Street

This video is pretty outrageous. What's with people in Connecticut?

They are just standing there and look. No one checks whether the man is alive or dead. And what about the other drivers? And the man holding his jacket in his hand and walking past the lying man?

The criminals running the man down are bad enough, but the onlookers are not much better themselves.

Maybe they was afraid the same will happen to them? Well, in that case do not expect better treatment if you are in the same situation.

At least somebody called the police, but shouldn't someone go out to the street to prevent other cars from running down the man lying on the street? It seems pretty basic behavior in a society.

Something is very wrong here.