Thursday, June 19, 2008

Livable Cities, Livable Earth

I stumbled upon a photo a few days ago which shows a part of Osaka:

Click for larger image.

The photo shows a very harmonic building which combines stone and green gracefully. It's hard to say where the green ends and where the building begins, and vice versa.

In an ideal world the whole of the city should look like this. And why not? Are we happier with so many people living in crowded places without any living vegetation around them?

Why do we have so many people? Wouldn't we be happier with more space for living? Is there any sensible reason to let the population grow so much?

This also brings the question: are we happier in this shiny tech world than our ancestors were in their huts on the prairies? Surely, we have cars and internet and cable TV, running water, electricity, but did all this make our lives better, or they simply solved lots of problems and created lots of others?

I born to this world and the thought of living on the plains and taking care of animals is not very attractive for my current self. But I crave for more nature, not just occasionally, but continuously, and I also want the comfort of the cities too. Could we have these two things at the same time?

In the future I imagine it could be done. With flying cars and stuff there would be no need for roads, so all the asphalt could be torn up and it's place planted. And then our cities may be like the building on the picture above.

I'd like to see it one day.

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