Saturday, June 28, 2008

They Could Shout It from the Rooftops

The net is full of self-improvement, personal development and similar articles which have a lot of wise advices for the reader.

These advices are very good. They are mostly come from the distilled knowledge of thousands of years. The catch is they cannot be simply told they must be experienced.

Until one has the necessary life experiences these advices are weightless. The sound nice, they feel nice, but one cannot apply them to one's life, since the necessary experience is missing.

When the necessary experience is there then the advice itself is not necessary, since one knows it from experience.

It's like the Matrix. One cannot be told what the Matrix is, one has to see it for oneself.

So if this is the case then for whom these nice articles are written? It's not much use for the inexperienced as we reasoned above.

Are they for the experienced then? Reading them with an experienced eye one can only say "If I knew it when I was younger...". The thing is one did know. One hears these things all the time. Only then one could not use it.

So I'm still in the dark about why these lists are published and for whom. Seems like a wasted effort.

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