Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Girls Are Watching Us

Every time I drive my car I notice girls are looking at me. I mean girls strolling on the sidewalk, standing in bus stops and so on.

I wonder why they look? Do they want to check if I look too? I surely do, adnd it must be something they need to keep up their self-confidence.

If I walk on the street I never pay attention to cars passing me. Why should I? However girls, unlike men, seemingly need a constant reinforcement of their self-esteem.

If I'm looking it means their appearance is OK, since I'm looking. Otherwise, they can think they haven't prepared themselves properly for going outside.

Non-attractive girls usually don't look. Probably they do not have enough self-confidence to make sure if someone is paying attention to them.

The looks from girls is very dangerous to traffic safety. I usually only glance at them, but when my eye meets theirs then I can't help but look again, so I watch the road less.

It's not safe, but I can't NOT do it. It's how I'm wired internally.

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