Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Being a Woman

Have you seen a beauty contest page like this? With a Western eye it is very strange. It's rather a burka contest than a beauty contest.

I really don't envy women, because their life quality can be very low or very high depending on where they are born. In China the foot of girls were bound for thousands of years and it had gruesome results. Forced female circumcision is still practiced in various places of Earth. And even if you're the first lady of a country your life might be very much controlled as the example of the first lady of Iran shows.

We know from the past women are the first to suffer when things turn to worse (e.g. raping in wars) and being a women is very much equal to being defencelessness against the circumstances. Even in the womb as in Asia people do anything they can to abort female fetuses which leads to the situation that not every male can have partner, so kidnapping women for wives is becoming more and more commonplace, so here also the women are those who suffer.

But even here in the Western world women are worse off than men. They earn less, it's harder for them to get a job if they didn't have a child yet, they have to be a good lover, a good mother and a good worker which is not easy. Poster girls are set before them as examples, and men see photoshopped ideals in Playboy, ideals which can not be reached in real life.

Of course, women can give birth, they can give life which men cannot do. It's true, but they also have to suffer morning sickness, carry their big bellies and live with the back pain, so it's not only bells and whistles after all.

Compared to that being a man is easier. A man with a tummy has no problem finding a partner which is harder for a woman with a tummy. When a man grows older then he is better looking. It's not such a big deal if a man is born into Taliban country or Africa, because they are still better off there than women.

I wouldn't trade places with a woman even if I could. It's easier for us. I wouldn't say a woman's life is continuous suffering, but I do think we men were luckier when our sex was decided.

Of course, a woman may think it differently.

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