Monday, January 19, 2009

Nuclear Bombs Can't Fall On This Place

Here's this little village. Nothing unusual. Before reading further zoom out the map to see what is beside the village. Then zoom out the map even more to see what is in the neighborhood.

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This is a rather remote, quiet place, but the active volcano beside the village would worry me a bit considering the next continent is pretty far away. The volcano erupted last time in 1961 and the population had to be evacuated ten pretty quickly.

The place is called Tristan da Cunha, it's a British overseas territory. 271 people live on the island and they suffer from various health problems, because of marriages among closely related couples. The latter is no wonder, since there are not many opportunities to find a partner in the area.

It's a nice place if we consider the possibility of a global nuclear war. They'd had much more chance to survive than us here. At least until the volcano erupts again. :)

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