Thursday, March 12, 2009

The World is perfect. Or We are Only Puppets.

The Secret is everywhere these days: you just have to imagine what you want and the Universe will make it true. Why the Universe would rush to make Joe Average's wish true is beyond me, but there is an other thing which bothers more me regarding the Secret.

What if two people wish contradicting things? Which one the Universe will deliver? If they are global wishes affecting billions of people then it's a very important question.

Suppose that wish is granted which is wanted by more people. In that case the current set up of the world is according to the majority of people on Earth. It's a democratic process like voting. That means our world is perfect, since it's like as we wish. Cool!

The other possibility is that wish is granted which is the most desired. In this case the strongest mental warrior shapes our world and the wishes of others don't matter very much, since we have to support with our decisions the Spiritual Leader to reach his or her goal. That means we are only puppets. So much for free will...

This is not good either way. Maybe the problem is I approach the problem too rationally. Instead I should have simply accept The Secret as truth and let the Universe deliver the Ferrari to my doorstep. :)

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