Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Aliens Do Not Live on the Holodeck

In this article the author states we can't find alien life forms, because they chose to live in virtual worlds. The virtual reality requires far less energy to maintain than doing actual space traveling, so it's logical they chose this way of existence which provides endless possibilities.

It's catchy concept, only I don't think an intelligent being would choose the model of the real world instead of the real world itself.

Virtual reality is a model which reflects its creators' current understanding of the Universe, so it's inherently limited, unless the creators know everything about the world, so they can emulate it completely.

But if they do know everything then why should they need a virtual reality? An all-knowing race surely comes up with an efficient and practically unlimited energy source, so the above argument about energy-efficiency does not apply.

An intelligent race wouldn't be satisfied with the shadow of reality when the real world is out there. What kind of challenges could a virtual reality hold? Surely only those kind which its creators can envision.

The real Universe is the ultimate challenge. Figuring out all its secrets and mastering it is the ultimate puzzle for any intelligent being.

Of course, it's possible the aliens have a completely different mindset than ours, and they don't want more than what their current knowledge can offer. In that case it's conceivable they choose to live in a VR world.

But as far as humanity is concerned I doubt this kind of existence would be appealing to humans. There would be people accepting it, but as a whole I think mankind is much more curious than that.

At least I am. :)

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