Friday, May 23, 2008

Proposal for a More Convenient Commenting System for Forums and Blogs

Commenting on forums and blogs is a nuisance. When a heated discussion is going on it involves constantly reloading the page, which is tiring and inconvenient.

Chats are much more useful when the participants are actually there, but the problem with chats is that the discussions are not permanent, since they are usually not logged.

Couldn't we somehow have the best of both worlds and combine the advantages of the approaches?

Why not have a chat box in the comment section of blogs, so that visitors can chat about the entry in question? It would be no ordinary chat box, because sent messages would be saved as actual blog comments , and vice versa, regular comments would appear in the chat as messages.

This way it would be very convenient to comment on blogs and the discussion would be recorded instantly.

Similarly, in forums online participants could chat with each other, and those who arrive later could read the discussion and add their opinion to it.

No more manual page reloading, it would be handled by the software automatically.

In order to give a structure to conversations the chat (unlike regular chats) would require the user to specify which message he's replying to: either to the first one (which is the blog entry for blogs and the topic starter for forum topics) or to an existing comment. This would make it possible to display threaded messges even for comments which come from the chat.

In these days AJAX is THE thing and this technique is just the thing where AJAX could prove very useful.

Has anyone implemented a similar setup already? If not who will be the first?

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