Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why the Library is Full of Pretty Girls?

I was in the library a few days ago I wondered why so many pretty girls are there. Wherever I looked I saw a pretty girl and I started thinking why it was.

In order to get back to reality I started to really look instead of scanning only and then I saw the non-pretty girls too. The explanation is obvious: lots of information reaches our brain, so most if it must be filtered out, so that we don't go crazy from information overload.

My male brain filtered out the important things for me and pretty girls are definitely fall into the important category. It didn't show ugly girls, because that information is thrown away anyway, so it shouldn't get into my brain in the first place. (Note that I don't talk about absolute prettiness. "Pretty" in this case means girls I personally find pretty which doesn't necessarily means cover girls.)

I wonder how women perceive their environment. Do they notice only able males who can provide for their family and overlook clumsy weaklings? After a certain age it must be the case.

This phenomenon is similar to the one which can be observed on online forums dealing with love issues. Those who don't have a partner complain that wherever they look they see happy couples, though surely there are lots of single men and women too.

One sees only what one wants to see.

The mantra of positive thinking is based on this psychological effect. If you think of positive things, things you want to get then you train your brain to look for opportunities to find them. There are different techniques for training the brain to look on the bright side of life. A gratitude journal is one such technique which can be very effective if applied consistently.

The Secret is also based on this principle. Of course, it was invented by clever people who want to get rich on the ignorance of others, but it contains a grain of truth nevertheless. You won't get all the riches automatically from the Universe even if you think about them all day, but by focusing on the things you want you set your brain too look for information which you missed before because of concentrating on the lack of your desired items instead.

So, dear singles who don't have a partner concentrate on meeting the love of your life and if you do so then you will notice not the happy couples, but rather Him or Her who's sitting the seat across on the underground as you go home. :)

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